Daniel Swindlehurst

Used to have a proper job, but has thrown caution to the wind and is trying to become a scientist and writer. Find him at danielswindlehurst.com and @SwindleApe

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2 years ago
My next interview subject introduced himself awkwardly but affably, then stood beaming at me, unsure of what to do with himself. I ushered him into a chair as I finished setting up and watched him fid...
Gender, an Alternate Reality
2 years ago
I sat on the cheap plastic chair and tried to stop shaking. I felt like I was going to vomit. I couldn’t get my head around what the woman was saying, although she’d been saying it for some time now. ...
An Apple a Day Keeps the Algorithms at Bay
2 years ago
Stop right there. Yes, you. Stop! This is your future self, and I’m here to warn you. I can see what you’re doing, you’re reaching for that delicious chocolate bar aren’t you? Don’t do it. They’re wat...
The Trouble with Forecasting
2 years ago
1. Alice brought two mugs of hot coffee to the table. She placed them down safely, then continued the argument. “Oh come on Bob, you can’t possibly believe all that nonsense? I know it’s one of your f...