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Top 10 'Doctor Who' Episodes: The Twelfth Doctor's Era
5 months ago
This list was a slightly different experience for me because I was watching two of the Twelfth Doctor's seasons for the first time whereas all the other season before now were re-watches. I think Pete...
Top 10 'Doctor Who' Episodes: The Eleventh Doctor's Era
6 months ago
In 2018 I wrote two Doctor Who articles like this one. The first was my top 5 episodes of the Ninth Doctor's era, and the second was my top 10 episodes of the Tenth Doctor's era. Now it's the 11th Doc...
Top 10 'Doctor Who' Episodes: The Tenth Doctor's Era
7 months ago
A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article talking about my top 5 Doctor Who episodes of the Ninth Doctor's era, so this time around I've chosen my top 10 episodes for the Tenth Doctor's era. The number...
Top 5 'Doctor Who' Episodes: The Ninth Doctor's Era
8 months ago
Recently, I decided to watch the 2005+ run of Doctor Who from the beginning. This article will be part of a series where I'll pick my top episodes for each Doctor starting with Nine. The number of epi...