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Everything We Know About 'Blade Runner 2'
a year ago
A sequel to Ridley Scott's beloved Blade Runner has been in the works for a while. Warner Bros. informed us in April that the still officially untitled sci-fi sequel will now be in cinemas as soon as ...
'Arrival': A Triumph of Smart Sci-Fi
a year ago
It can be hard to pick a favourite genre. But for me, it's easy. I've always been captivated by #sciencefiction. As a teen I didn't get my #scifi kicks at the cinema, but instead got them through nove...
Our First Glimpse at 'Blade Runner 2049' – And It Looks Amazing!
a year ago
It's easy to be skeptical about new movies due to modern Hollywood's penchant for remakes, prequels and sequels. But there's one sequel that deserves to generate excitement rather than cynicism: #Blad...
Marty McFly Shouldn't Exist: 'Back To The Future' & 4 More Sci-Fi Classics Undone By Time Travel Paradoxes
a year ago
Like a lot of people over recent days I've been indulging in Back To The Future nostalgia. Rewatching everyone's favourite time travel comedy led me to think about the mechanics of its time travel rul...
Kuri's Story
a year ago
#KuriStory #HeyKuri Richards sighed, peering with disdain over his glasses at the mess of electronic detritus scattered across his workbench. The garage was cold and draughty—especially in the dead of...