Dawn Marie Styles

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Dream Stalker 3
2 years ago
It wasn't as hot now, the dark sky let the first light of a star shine bright and the dim haze from the rising moon's reflection set off milky ripples in the sea. Tarania let out a breath of appreciat...
Time Walker Chapter Four
2 years ago
Hunter jerked awake, his body shifting to the side and he fell off the bed, then met the cold hard floor with a thud that shook the room. “Ah, fuck!” He also landed on his arm. Sharp pain shot up into...
Dream Stalker
2 years ago
Tarania woke covered in sweat and her head felt like it had been stomped on. Her throat was sore like she had eaten glass and her hair was knotty and sandy. She pushed a clump of knotted hair out of h...
Time Walker Chapter Three
2 years ago
Perhaps this was another facility he was in and was being prepped (made brain dead) to die, Hunter thought as he wriggled himself, glad that he wasn't strapped down. And that was strange but he went w...
Time Walker Chapter Two
2 years ago
As quickly as she could manage with such a weight, she continued back to her ship. The smell of burnt remains had since dulled and she felt more at ease but then thinking about the possibility that mo...
Time Walker
2 years ago
He didn’t want to be created, but life has a funny sense of humour that grows on you, making you accept it, want it and relish in it. Especially if your days of life only remained as long as you compl...