DJKay :)

Hello there people, I am an amateur writing, interesting in getting my work out there, and for people to read it. Let me know what you think. DJKay x 

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The Blue Queen (Part 4)
2 months ago
Ciara had noticed nothing suspicious around the area of the Inferno's Night. She began to make her way inside, and stared at the long queue that waited to get in. They moaned as she walked straight to...
The Blue Queen (Part 3)
2 months ago
Ciara arrived to the facility in record time. She could never get used to the building she had to report to since she had started. The Hidden Haven as it had been known to be called was a Hunter facil...
The Blue Queen (Part 2)
3 months ago
Chapter 1 - Frost (Part 1) To the human eye, Ciara Frost was ordinary, except with an alternative sense of style. She had to admit as she walked down the street with people staring that her look didn'...
The Blue Queen (Part 1)
2 years ago
For those who are reading this, my name is Ciara Frost. That is pronounced Key-ara, I don't like it when people get my name wrong. I am Agent Domino, a classified agent within the Hunter Society. You ...