Dominick Piaquadio

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Domino: Revelations (Chapter 1)
9 months ago
Months after training for FUSA's Counter-Terrorist Division, Domino began to dim the light within his soul. Without faith nor guidance, the Dark Bearer lost his immortality, morality, and humanity. In...
Domino: Revelations - Prologue
10 months ago
Five years have passed since the Satanic Undead infestation took place. Three warriors with supernatural abilities, Fuegonon the Islamic Fire Wielder, Seto the Wiccan gunslinger, and Domino the Cathol...
Domino: The Awakening - Final Chapter
a year ago
Looking through the City's camera feed at the park, Pyropolarnite saw the events unfolded upon Domino's true awakening and felt she lost her love, "How could Domino betray me? After all I sacrificed t...
Domino: The Awakening—Chapter 3
a year ago
While the Undead protagonist and his Shadow Army pave the streets in red, Pyropolarnite infiltrates the media and manipulates the masses with words of Justice and Public Safety. "Citizens of New Burga...
Domino: The Awakening
a year ago
Eight-hundred twenty years have passed, and the City has succumbed to wickedness. New Burgundy has always been the third-most dangerous city in America, but is now the most treacherous in the World. T...
Domino: The Awakening
a year ago
The year is 2007. In the heart of the ghetto stands a high school full of diversity, struggle, and concepts beyond the fathomability of typical society. Underneath the facade of 'hood life', a subcult...