Don Urban

As a child I slept with my head in a box.  Powered by plant-based food and music by Glass Candy. Loves dogs. Lives in Sydney, Australia. 

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The Greater Good
5 months ago
“Didn’t your grandfather hurdle an asteroid at this planet?” Squirt asked as soon as the spaceship emerged from the worm-hole. “My great-grandfather.” The Captain corrected him. “That was few million ...
Across The Uncanny Valley
8 months ago
“Hello Tom.” She had a firm, elegant voice. There was nothing synthetic or robotic about her. She had a strong, athletic build, deep green eyes and bright pink hair pulled back into a messy knot. Dres...
9 months ago
The Martian invaders charged from the spaceship. They kept coming as Sam Scott sprayed their green brains over the city streets. They ran towards him, shooting ray guns in his general direction. He ki...