Donnell Keenan

Donnell Keenan is a multimedia writer who enjoys acting, singing and binge-watching good TV. He has a B.A. in Drama from Morehouse College and is a student at Full Sail University seeking an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. 

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Woman of The Red Bonnet Society
a year ago
I had ten minutes left to accept my assignment to assassinate yet another undeserving target. I crawled out of bed and moseyed over to my vintage vanity desk to set my cell phone timer. Today, I have ...
The Last Guardian
a year ago
Premise Set in the fantasy world of Keenan's Guardians25, The Last Guardian is an action-adventure film that will explore Earth's last guardian given her special abilities... and responsibilities to p...
a year ago
MIMS is a drama concerning a community in the midst of a gang war where corruption, family, and ghosts are things that exist and thrive.