Donovan Barlow

28. Screenwriter. IT Guy. Father. Gamer. King of the pirates. Demogorgon Killer. The People’s Champion. Possessor of a little red book that holds all the secrets of the universe! Written with invisible ink that only my eyes can see—

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Scorecard Weekly - 'Ready Player One'
7 months ago
OHHHHH! We’ve got a special treat for you guys today! We will be dropping two scorecards today. Yes. Yes. You can all thank us later. Christmas is right around the corner, so we’ll leave our Christmas...
Scorecard Weekly - 'The Cloverfield Paradox'
a year ago
Guess who’s back? Back again— That’s obviously a rhetorical question, but hey, I bet those lyrics are racing through your mind right now. You’re welcome! You guys know what we’re here to do though, so...
Scorecard Weekly - 'Altered Carbon'
a year ago
Here ye'! Here ye'! Welcome to Scorecard Weekly! Today, we will begin our weekly review of new TV series and movies. What does this mean for you? It means that each week, you can come back here and ge...