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A Dutiful Person Disobeys
25 days ago
Characters: Tusra and Anastra. Tusra is once again stood outside the doors to the great hall where the King and Queen are sat. Twisting the fabric of his gloves he stood with nerves like cracked ice. ...
Dreams and Imagination - Inspired by “Two Steps from Hell”
a month ago
“No don’t be silly,” laughed the one girl, Alana while making herself comfortable in her bed. The other, Priscilla, chuckled and lifted her head to face the other with a proud look. “I believe it anyw...
You Must Get Out
a month ago
Characters: Tusra and Anastra. As soon as they left the presence of the King and Queen, Anastra ran away from Tusra, feeling blood trickle down her face. Tusra tried to chase her, but he stopped as he...
Looking for Something
a month ago
Characters: Tusra and Anastra Tusra Greylock, clad in his usual blue and pale silver patterned long coat sat at his desk. Piles of books surrounded him, he plucked one from the pile and opened its pag...