Eddie Wong

Lives in Malibu, California. Loves movies. Cutting expert, lover of Final Cut Pro 7. Parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he just wants to edit.

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Top Japanese Sci-Fi Films
a year ago
Japanese cinema has become increasingly highly regarded by Western audiences, and that's for good reason. The top Japanese sci-fi films can put many of our cinematic masterpieces to shame, in both cin...
Best Sci-Fi Book to Movie Adaptations
a year ago
“The book was better than the movie” is a common phrase every movie goer has heard when viewing book to movie adaptations. Yet that isn't always true. Sometimes, when a book is transformed to the screen, the moments you had to conjure up with your imagination are brought to life right before your eyes. Those monsters, characters and epic action scenes are even more intense and entertaining. Sci-fi book to movie adaptations are a popular evolution in the genre and allows the fans of the greatest ...
Iconic Sci-Fi Film Directors
a year ago
The best sci-fi film directors are experts in visual storytelling. Regardless of how crazy and seemingly improbable it is to realize a sci-fi story onto the big screen, they will strive to make things...
'Mad Max' Tracks on 'Fury Road'
a year ago
The video editing team at OMNI was curious to see just how similar the 1979 Mad Max trailer was to the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. Taking the trailer of George Miller's famous Mad Max, the team overla...
David Bowie's 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'
a year ago
Let us consider the genre of classic rock-music movies. We had Magical Mystery Tour, featuring The Beatles. It was amusing in 1968, but it is an embarrassment by today's standards. Groundbreaking effects then, but Millennials don't have much patience for the limitations of the past. Then there was Tommy, so garishly produced, over-acted, over-hyped, and generally insensitive that it was cut-rated down to second-run theaters within weeks of its release, and Lisztomania, its follow-up, fared even ...
Garrett Brown's SkyCam History
2 years ago
You've seen the view from high above a football stadium before. But have you ever flown through the goalposts like a football? With SkyCam, a computerized camera originated in the 1980s, that soars th...