Edmund de Wight

Some say Edmund de Wight was found wandering the desert as a baby, others say his mother won him playing craps, yet others say that aliens were spotted near Vegas on the night he was brought into the world. Draw your own conclusions.

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The End of the World As We Know It
2 years ago
A booming sound drew my eyes to the enormous windows that made up the western wall of the apartment. Two blocks away I saw water explode upward around the wide tower of the Seaview Apartments; the wav...
The Summoning
2 years ago
Lord Armitage glided down the stone steps to the cellar of Armitage castle. The hem of his black velvet robe swept the ancient dust from the steps as he descended. The robe was embroidered in eldritch...
The Upstairs Room
2 years ago
Sergeant Wilson stood hunched against the blowing snow outside the Victorian home. Two dozen other cops huddled in the shadows near doors and windows preparing for the go signal. According to the Fed ...
The Moving Shell
2 years ago
“Isn’t the view amazing,” Gloria said. She looked over her shoulder at her best friend Julia who stood further back from the cliff edge. Julia didn’t look enthused to be there. The women had hiked to ...