Eliander Black

yeah but if this platform would just let me do what I want for two damn minutes

Meet the Sea Scorpion
2 years ago
Deep beneath the Devonian ocean lurked the largest arthropod to have ever lived: the eurypterid. Sporting a javelin lancet serrated with venom teeth tipping a heavily armored tail, the enormous sea sc...
Philosophy: the Essential Analysis
2 years ago
Knowledge is the first principle. Man exists as mind. To found one’s principles upon any other axiom denies personal existence. The self-awareness of the individual provides the essential absolute nec...
2 years ago
Those warm depths glow beneath the ancient sun, pouring dapples through the thick currents and over the rich crimson seabed. Ochre tides of shifting life hung above the darkness, dancing like flecks o...
Dawn of the Dugongs
2 years ago
I was in the field that morning I do remember, and my mother called from the open foyer, telling me that breakfast was ready. I always liked to leave the house earlier to prepare myself for the work o...
2 years ago
The sun streams through that window as it always had a thousand years before, and it falls over the eggshell tiles and creeps up the linen blankets and over my eyes. I bat it away with little eyelids,...