Elijah Taylor

I’m an aspiring  screen-writer!


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Leviathan (Pt. 4—Ending)
a month ago
CHAPTER 6: THE ECLIPSE Upon arrival, The Eclipse doesn’t scan the second escape pod doubling up. HANGER-BAY SEVEN CLAYTON “Welcome back home, brother.” ALEX “You have no right to call me that.” Alex c...
Leviathan (Pt. 3)
a month ago
CHAPTER 4: TULIV LEVIATHAN COCKPIT The crew are waiting for them to arrive on Tuliv SIMON “How are you feeling?” ALEX “What do you mean?” SIMON “Seeing Kiara. I saw you get angry.” ALEX “I really don’...
Leviathan (Pt. 2)
a month ago
CHAPTER 3: NEW ADDITIONS THE LEVIATHAN The Leviathan enters Daunus orbit ALEX “Alright let’s land.” Alex and Simon take The Leviathan down and land at the nearby academy ALEX (CON’D) “Before we head o...
a month ago
CHAPTER 1: PROLOGUE THE ECLIPSE The Leviathan has been boarded by The Eclipse and the crew is being transferred to the brig of The Eclipse. Alexander Holloway (Leviathan captain) and his second in com...
3 months ago
The entity isn't surrounding the boy, as the boy has pushed him and myself away. I get sick of my fallen status and the entity approaches donning their fiery wings. "I was like you once: Fallen, shame...
How I Fell
3 months ago
When an angel falls, it's one of the worst things in the world. Picture an island that had an abundance of life to it that now lays barren; even that wouldn't come close to explaining how it feels to ...