Elisa Mask

Elisa is a comic artist that loves sci-fi, blues jams, inclusive feminism, and zombies. 24, Special Education&Art Teacher. Certified warrior space princess n queer af vaporwave babe 👽✌️¸ Cis/Bisexual/MH issues galore

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2 years ago
She closed her well worn copy of Atlas Shrugged when the limo motorcade came to a stop outside the venue. The roboguard chauffeur gently opened her door and she stepped out of the car, into the blue f...
2 years ago
Mx An elderly woman walked down the grassy hill and stopped at the riverbank below. She pulled out a tattered blanket before sinking onto it with a sigh, making the child wading at the bottom look up ...
2 years ago
FB0T The serenity of the white abyss is torn apart along with the packaging of her shipping container. Sensors inside activate her processor and ocular cameras as large, sweaty hands feverishly tear a...
2 years ago
NEERS “I don't wanna hear 'em whine about jail, they're buyin’ n’ selling advanced tech contraband. It’s a safety law!” The man on the satellite radio laughed, his voice echoed in the concrete garage ...