Erin Montgomery

Erin Montgomery works as a counselor by day and works as a psychic, energy healer, and clears both places and people of spirits any time she can. 

Guilty by Association
2 months ago
My sister-in-law called me the other day. “I had this crazy dream.” “Oh yeah? What happened?” “We were all at a party. The whole family was at the house and I went into labor. I didn’t even know I was...
Don't I Know You?
3 months ago
My husband is a musician. As such, I often find myself tucked into a corner somewhere, sending messages to the universe that I hopefully go unnoticed. Tonight, I am seated in a small room, in a chair ...
The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ridiculous
4 months ago
So often experiencers (those who have been in contact with alien beings—otherwise known as abductees or contactees), myself included, focus on the negative aspects of alien contact. Do you blame us? W...
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
7 months ago
Nothing like being on a tight schedule. Two weeks ago, my husband, my friend and I had an agenda. Drive from Roswell to Arabella to drop off some music equipment, then on to Ruidoso by 1 PM to make su...
Justified Paranoia
8 months ago
Over the last month, I have been driven… compelled… to talk about my experiences as a person who has interacted with extraterrestrial beings, or a contactee. Some people call this phenomenon “abductio...
The Human Harvest
8 months ago
Is this normal? Does every woman experience pregnancy symptoms all the time? I have been wondering this for years. As a newlywed, the late period, the swollen and tender breasts, the need for a millio...