Eugenia Moreno

I love writing fiction stories, especially thrillers and fiction. Hope you guys like my stories!

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Home? (Part 5)
2 days ago
"Welcome, welcome, everyone," says the President in the most squeaky yet excited voice I have heard in a long time. None of us have met him personally for we are considered too insignificant to have a...
Home? (Part 4)
10 days ago
I wake up sweating. I had a nightmare; one in which I was being tortured by our government. I also had a stamp on my wrist which read 'deployed.' After I had seen my file, I could do nothing else but ...
Home? (Part 3)
a month ago
It’s almost midnight. I know because the ship is silent, as if all the life that it exerts during the day, despite its habitants acting like automated beings throughout, has been sapped inside a black...
Home? (Part 2)
2 months ago
Walking through a white corridor illuminated by fluorescent blue lights, I feel completely emotionless. My uniform has been slightly stained, giving the whole outfit a different overtone from the rest...
3 months ago
My eyes open slowly, unable to adjust to the bright light which filters itself through the glass of the cabin I have been sleeping in. The compartment opens, releasing me from its claustrophobic space...