Eva Wells

Sci-Fi and Horror enthusiast, Eva lives in the wilds of Idaho with her little family and numerous cats. She particularly enjoys writing dark, strange short stories. 

The Sum of My Impulses
2 years ago
Do you ever wake up and find that you’re less you than who you were, the day before? You look down at the actions that your hands are in the process of completing. You watch your feet as they progress...
2 years ago
The dream was starting to take its toll on him. It was deja vu in its most dreaded and complicated form; the repetition of a horrible act that he had no control of and no ability to comprehend the mea...
2 years ago
I find myself most uneasy at that time of night when the sun is almost set, almost gone, but still gloating from its perch. The darkness that results doesn’t bother me so much as that hue, that ever c...
2 years ago
Her feet continued to remain stationary. No matter how hard she concentrated on every single fiber of each exact sinew in her legs, she could not contract any of them. It was a world that didn’t make ...