F. Simon Grant

I'm a fiction writer and a collage artist.

2 years ago
Blockhead :oR: Leaps Away “The Blockheads that haunt this apartment complex will kill you the worst way, worse than any other ghost,” said Sister Mary Michael (whom Eve Eeny called “Sister Mary Michae...
Monster Heel
2 years ago
E-Jo the Bull Mountain was ten feet tall (when he decided to be that small) and billed as being from the mysterious sounding L’Ile de Pieces Inconnus and composed of stone like the Easter-Island-like ...
Duck Duck Goose
2 years ago
For Jesus and William S. Burroughs on the occasion of their birth. Duck Duck Goose was a comedy show starring a duck and a duck-billed platypus, both uncreatively named Duck by the show’s creator, a s...
2 years ago
Myrmidon :oR: The Organ Damage of Puppet Shows Dexter Opopanax Jr was a ventricle who suddenly gained sentience and burst from the chest of his father, Dexter Opopanax Sr., splitting off from the othe...
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (Part One)
2 years ago
When Rainbow Captain America and the Green Squiggle finally confronted Ondcain, the Lord of Bluebirds, Rainbow Captain America spent much of the time getting the piss beaten out of him. Rainbow Captai...
Colony of the Horizontal Tree (Chapter One)
2 years ago
Colony Colcolson happened to be reading The Exhaustive Catalogue of Tiny Kingdoms when the girl (Melanie Gellar) first wrapped his wrist in hair (he only realized this coincidence years later after Me...