Felecia Burgett

Novice writer, amateur novelist, poet, article writer, dabble, and animal lover.

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The Fire Stone Curse
6 months ago
A dragon ran loudly through the forest, crashing helplessly through brush and logs and trailing her ripped wing behind her. Her scales were red and dark with blood where the dead skin's arrows pierced...
The Aeon Event, Part 2
8 months ago
No. Please, no. Please don't make me. I'll be good. I'll enter the service. Just don't make me do it. Don't make me open a portal to hell. Too often I woke at 3:00 am, sweating, my heart feeling like ...
The Aeon Event, Part 1
9 months ago
I remember her. I remember those days. I remember it all. Not with a fondness, exactly—not with any clarity, either. None of my memories are clear. They’re all a shimmer with lurid sheens and unnamabl...
'The 100': There Are No Good Guys
9 months ago
The 100's premise, at first, seems interesting and vaguely familiar in the realms of young adult post-apocalyptic science fiction: a century after humanity nuked itself into oblivion, the only remaini...