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Interview with Author K.E. Lanning
2 years ago
Author K.E. Lanning is a scientist and writer—visualizing subterranean faults and those of imagined characters. As she describes, “Physics trains the mind to analyze and deduce theories, similar to de...
'Blade Runner 2049' Star Jared Leto Partners With Omni Magazine for Production Deal
2 years ago
This article originally appeared in Variety by Dave McNary on June 27th, 2017. Jared Leto is partnering with Omni Magazine in a deal to produce original content, Variety has learned exclusively. Jerri...
Interview With Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Founder Of Unanimous A.I.
2 years ago
It's rather fitting that Dr. Louis Rosenberg, an individual wholly dedicated to preparing humans for the immediate and distant future, is featured in a project titled Year Million, National Geographic...
Interview with Paul Franklin, Director of 'The Escape'
2 years ago
What does an Academy Award winning visual effects specialist do at the culmination of 25 years of career successes and a prolific filmography? If you're the UK-born Paul J. Franklin, you set your cert...
"OMNI: The New Frontier" is Back
2 years ago
After 25 years off the airwaves, OMNI: The New Frontier is back and online for your digital viewing pleasure on Vimeo. For those growing up in the early 80s, this may trigger memories of nostalgia, of...
Interview with 'Our Final Invention' Author James Barrat
3 years ago
James Barrat is the author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, an equal parts fascinating-and-terrifying book which explores the perils associated with the he...