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Interview with 'Alien' Co-Creator Dan O'Bannon
2 years ago
In the below excerpt from Film Fantasy Magazine, Ed Sudden II interviews Alien co-creator Dan O'Bannon. In excerpt, O'Bannon recounts that the concept of the movie Alien began as a simple story called...
Artist Mario Martinez aka MARS-1 Interview
3 years ago
While artists abound who enjoy conjuring up astronauts, robots, space battles and creatures from another world, few are able to achieve the striking balance that makes the extraterrestrial imagery of ...
Solar Power Today and Tomorrow
3 years ago
Solar power is one of the most efficient and clean sources of energy humanity possesses. There are no increased fuel costs or dependencies, no ties to pollutants, and it is both reliable and affordabl...
Write For OMNI Today
3 years ago
OMNI has now joined the Vocal platform, letting fans from all over the world contribute to the iconic brand. A staple in the science fiction, fantasy, and hard science community for the past 40 years,...
Interview With Ralph Barnaby
3 years ago
In October of 1910, when he was just 17 years old, Ralph Stanton Barnaby played hooky from high school and went to the Second International Gordon Bennett Air Race at Belmont Park, Long Island. His ol...
Time Traveling Through a Lens
3 years ago
I would hesitate to claim that anything is impossible—or rather virtually impossible. The White Queen in Through the Looking Glass made a regular morning habit of believing at least six impossible thi...