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Best Ben Bova Books
3 years ago
“I suggest in the beginning of 'The Story of Light' that you walk into a party blindfolded,” bantered Dr. Ben Bova to radio host Ben Hodel on his KPFK program Hour 25, “see where that gets you.”
What is a Psychic?
3 years ago
From the pages of OMNI Dr. Hans Holzer (1920 - 2009) American paranormal researcher and author defines the world of psychic energy. Ever since psychoanalysis became fashionable and people heard of Car...
The Story of Dune
3 years ago
Dune is one of those rare stories that transcends the tastes and interests of a particular decade or generation. It takes us very, very far away from the ordinary concerns of life today to a place mor...
'Star Wars' Planets' Real Life Counterparts
3 years ago
Have you ever looked up at the sky at night, wondering what the meaning of life is, how all that planets and stars and dark holes and comets came to be? In something so huge and unknown, what is the p...
Craziest Sci-Fi Movie Fan Theories
3 years ago
Are you prepared enough to hear some of the most absurd, mind-boggling, craziest sci-fi movie fan theories? I guess if there ever was a fertile ground for weird and over-imaginative theories to flouri...
History of the Space Shuttle Columbia
3 years ago
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Those were the memorable words spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong. From Neil Armstrong's first steps on the Moon to the discovery of water ...