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Costuming 'Star Trek The Motion Picture'
3 years ago
Bob Fletcher created more than 700 costumes for the Star Trek movie in less than 10 months, directing in excess of 200 drapers, cutters, tailors, operators, finishers, plastic workers, molders, shoema...
'Star Wars' Jedi Books That Will Bring You to the Light Side
3 years ago
Help us Obi-Wan, these books are our only hope! Every Star Wars fan familiar with the universe certainly knows that there are many Star Wars books written about it. And obviously, there are good ones ...
3D Bioprinting is the Future of Transplants
3 years ago
Imagine a world where there was no organ donor waiting list. A world where you would be able to get the organ you needed straight from a printer. According to Quartz, a Philadelphia-based company, Bio...
Most Deceptive Scientific Frauds
3 years ago
There are so many problems in the world that demand solving, and scientific research is the source for such desired lifesaving innovation. However, this pressure can be a double-edged sword. Scientist...
'Star Wars' Beach Gear
3 years ago
Step over to the Dark Side as you tan the day away on a beach with the best Star Wars beach gear. Whether you are hopping on a cruise to the Bahamas or enjoying a relaxing weekend in the Hamptons, the...
Sci-Fi Movie 'The Black Hole'
3 years ago
Ηe's portrayed Nazi butchers by the dozens, gangsters and conmen... With the sci-fi movie The Black Hole, actor Maximilian Schell added a mad scientist to his cinematic rogues gallery. But Hollywood l...