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The Dax Dilemma
7 months ago
Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will be familiar with the Dax symbiont, a wormlike entity that joins with a race known at the Trill. After each host dies, the symbiont passes to a new host, who ret...
Seven of Nine Is the Best 'Star Trek' Character
7 months ago
Growing up, I was never into Star Trek at all. I knew what it was, I had a basic knowledge of what it was about, but I never watched it. I didn't watch a lot of TV shows as a kid—not adult ones. I lik...
Kathryn Janeway
9 months ago
When Star Trek: Voyager aired in 1995, it was unique amongst the Star Trek universe. Firstly, it was the first series to feature a starring Native American character (Commander Chakotay,) the first ha...