Guillermo Calvo

Former chair, Political Science, Government and International Relations Programs at the Universidad Autonoma de Manizales.  My university degrees are in political science, law, international legal studies and translation studies.

On the Evening of the Eighth Day
2 years ago
The One was gone. The created were also gone, but not of their own volition, although if lawyers had existed they’d have found a way to prove that it had been so. A second generation had been born and...
Primordial Beginnings
2 years ago
A preface of sorts, although the concept is then incongruous: “Without motion, time could not exist. The static is eternal, the dynamic bounded by time. Energy and matter, at their most elemental, req...
Questing in the Valley of the Lonely and the Lost
2 years ago
Questing in the Valley of the Lonely and the Lost The great adventures: the greatest adventures, the most daring and thus the most final. Will I ever dare them? If only for an instant, the smallest se...
Divine Sentience
2 years ago
Sentience involves more than mere reaction to stimuli, it involves awareness of existence, but once aware, the sentient entity may be either passive, a voyeur of sorts, or volitional, in the latter ca...