Harriet Weston

Writer with an interest in sci-fi and contemporary issues.

Future as the Past: Does 1980s Cyberpunk Need to Die?
5 months ago
The future as the past, specifically the 1980s, is a well-known trope in science fiction. Paul Walker-Emig emphasises this trope in his Guardian article, highlighting in particular how cyberpunk (as h...
From Terror to Transformation: Can Fiction Effect Change?
a year ago
The question of whether fiction effects change, environmental for instance, has been pondered by many, including writers, readers and those who sneer at the study and creation of literature. Writer Je...
'Nature-Culture': Embracing Genetic Modification
a year ago
From unprecedented globalisation to industrial refuse, the contemporary world has changed the face of the earth, prompting geologists to define it as the Anthropocene, “the age of humans” (Purdy, 2015...