Isaac Shapiro

When not scrounging the internet for the best content for Jerrick Media, Isaac can be found giving scritches to feathery friend Captain Crunch.

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12 days ago
RC looked like most other children his age, but he didn’t have a mother or father. He wasn’t an orphan, though. He was decanted from a vat, when he looked to be about six-years-old, fully formed and w...
I’m Being Hunted For My Student Loan Debt by a Killer Drone
4 months ago
If you’re reading this, my name is Jamie Reed. If you know who I am, please tell my mom and dad I love them. I think I might die here. I graduated college last year, and I was the first person in my f...
'Blade Runner 2' and the Future of the Replicant
a year ago
Rob Bricken of io9 complained that Blade Runner 2 is the most “unnecessary sequel of all time.” Along with the original Alien, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is seen as a peerless sci-fi masterpiece. Mov...
Big List of Sci-Fi TV
a year ago
2015 was pivotal year for science fiction in television. With shows like Game of Thrones raising the bar for genre entertainment across the board, networks and cable channels are fighting to keep up b...
New Generation of Star Wars
a year ago
When George Lucas unleashed Star Wars in 1977, he created a whole new generation of sci-fi fanatics from the Baby Boomers who’d been weaned on sci-fi serials. In many respects, George Lucas had manage...
Astronaut Humor
a year ago
Space, the final frontier. Mankind has explored, colonized, and dominated just about every corner of the earth. But it is not our destiny keep our feet planted merely on the dirt. In our bones we know...