Izzy Erlich

Upstate New Yorker, who loves to travel to Colorado and Vancouver. Certified Yoga instructor.

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Franz von Paula Gruithuisen's Venus Science Fiction
2 years ago
The fascinating story of Franz von Paula Gruithuisen, a German astronomer who became prominent early in the nineteenth century, has inspired sci-fi writers to ponder exploring distant worlds like Mars...
Top UFO Hoaxes in History
3 years ago
We've all seen the images, and admit it or not, somewhere deep inside of you, you've wondered whether the footage you're looking at is real (at last) or if not, at least another one of the top UFO hoa...
History of Scientology
3 years ago
I’m not going to insult your intelligence by assuming you haven’t heard of Scientology. The whole topic is a briar pit of controversies and hyperbole. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the eccentri...
Ex Machina's Robot Future
3 years ago
Media perpetuates visions of robotic futures and people are dreaming of silicon-based lovers. As technology advances, so too do humanity's most primal desires. Sex continues to be one of the final fro...
Fire Fighting Ice
3 years ago
On a cold Christmas Day a long time ago, a five-alarm fire at 2724 Heath Avenue, in the Bronx, New York City, raged out of control for more than five hours before firefighters were able to subdue the ...