Jake Burgess

Always looking forward.

The Brightest Star
10 months ago
[The prompts were "handful of bright red berries", "Martian vix championships", "identity" and "there's a storm coming..." For reference, "vix" is a twist on the original rules of table tennis, invent...
Stunning Sci-Fi Art Spaceships
2 years ago
Of all things futuristic and infeasible, spaceships steal the hearts of sci-fi lovers more than just about anything else. From the stalwart flagbearers like the Millennium Falcon and the Mothership to...
Best Philosophically Driven Sci-Fi Books
2 years ago
The liberty to set a story anywhere, in any time period, and in any of our infinite realities gives sci-fi an uncanny power to reshape, or at least cause us to re-examine, our perception of the world....
Best Erotic Sci-Fi Art
2 years ago
OMNI magazine aimed to provide content on "all realms of science and the paranormal." The platform on which OMNI was built went beyond any regular sci-fi magazine, including an examination of the stun...
Deadliest Places on Earth
3 years ago
Earth is a beautiful place. Rolling dirt-tracks through forests fill us with wonder; a fresh fall of snow brings out the pearly whites of our smiles and anyone who has ever climbed a mountain to gaze ...