Jalissa Gordon-McCauley

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Oak and Mistletoe (Ch. 3)
a month ago
Chapter 3 The three of them walked by a park a ways down from the Garda station. Catherine found a wooden bench to rest on. She felt weak from the exertion of their errand. She hadn't been out of bed,...
Oak and Mistletoe (Ch. 2)
a month ago
Chapter 2 Inside a large cavern where very little light shone through, there was a madman. He rustled around in turmoil, holding onto a bitter anger because it was the only thing he believed kept him ...
Oak and Mistletoe (Ch. 1)
a month ago
Chapter 1 Catherine was walking home from work when it started to pour. Reaching the door to her small place, she rushed in and shook off the drops over the hardwood floor. Having just cleaned it that...
Oak and Mistletoe (Prologue)
a month ago
Prologue Catherine was about to tell Kathleen to shut up when the pilot announced that the plane was about to land. Her sister had been pestering her nonstop for the last hour about their plans. “Kath...