James E.

Question everything, regret nothing. 

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The Switch—Part 1
7 months ago
I woke with a strange sensation. Oh no, I really gotta pee. Ugh. Why do I have to wake up? I ask myself. It was then I started to realize what the strange sensation was and where it was coming from. S...
Mandela Effect Theories
8 months ago
The Mandela Effect is evidence that you may have experienced events from a different reality. I highly recommend checkout out this website to read up on many occurrences and see if you can relate to a...
Flat Earth Conspiracy
8 months ago
Members of the Flat Earth Society believe that the Earth is, well… flat. Walking around the planet it looks and feels flat, so they argue that despite evidence the Earth must be flat! Who cares about ...
The Mandela Effect
8 months ago
Did anyone read the Berenstein Bears growing up? You know, the one about the little bears who learn valuable moral and safety lessons with every story. Except it isn’t spelled that way. The correct sp...