Jason Schwartz

Big nerd with passion for television, the 90s and ridiculous trivia.

Did you know that one of the first original television programs in America was "The Television Ghost," which featured dead people telling the stories of their murders.

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How Kuri Came to Be
a year ago
Eli had been in depressed for days. His wife wanted to have a child more than anything, but obviously, it could never happen. It didn't matter how many times Eli explained to his wife that it was impo...
Why Jared Leto Is the Perfect Choice to Team Up With Omni
2 years ago
It was recently announced that Jared Leto and his production company, Paradox, have teamed up with Omni to produce new original content. For those who aren't aware, Omni was a science and science fict...
4 Bizarre 'House' Diseases that Actually Exist
3 years ago
If you have never seen an episode of House M.D., then you are missing true TV brilliance. House M.D. has incredible writing and acting and is worth watching just for Hugh Laurie's portrayal of Dr. Hou...
Must See Episodes of 'The Twilight Zone'
3 years ago
If you have never seen an episode of The Twilight Zone, then you cannot call yourself a true fan of television. The Twilight Zone is always among the top of any credible list of the best television sh...