Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Jeffrey Aaron Miller is an author of numerous novels and short stories. He has held a wide variety of jobs over the years, but through it all, he has remained a storyteller. 

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Mindy of the Light
2 years ago
“Mindy, you’ve got to pay attention to what the trendy people are wearing,” Kristen said, pinching a fold of Mindy’s sweatshirt and pulling on it. “You don’t just put on whatever’s comfortable. That’s...
Tinni and the Chain
3 years ago
“Tinni, bring me my tea,” the old man said, one hand poised over the leather-bound tome on the desk before him. Tinni rose from his place in the corner, grunting as a great thundering pain pierced his...
3 years ago
McCready’s Pets sat at the end of a mostly empty strip mall, its only neighbors a check cashing business and a liquor store. Ted had gotten directions from the internet, otherwise he might never have ...
Heart Case
3 years ago
Gully came to, gripped by a terrible sense of panic, and sat bolt upright in his chair, gnashing his teeth and pulling at his hair with both hands. A name was caught on the tip of his tongue. He wante...
Planet Feast
3 years ago
With his ax, Thoma hacked off another slab of planet-flesh, caught it in his free hand as it fell, and tossed it into the plastic bin in his lap. “Quit with the fancy tricks,” Carlo said, scowling fro...
Grandfather's House
3 years ago
Billy’s fingers crept like spider’s legs over the coarse, pitted surface of the door, tracing the cracks and crevices of many chipped layers of paint, inching toward the big brass knob. The clatter of...