Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Jeffrey Aaron Miller is an author of numerous novels and short stories. He has held a wide variety of jobs over the years, but through it all, he has remained a storyteller. He is a resident of Rogers, Arkansas, with his wife and kids.

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Profaning the Leistra
2 years ago
Cora wound the Signal Vine around her wrist, leaving enough slack so that it hung away from her skin. The bigger thorns had been removed, but that left plenty of smaller ones, sharp and curved like fa...
Seeing Through Doors
2 years ago
Sometimes when the door opened, it coincided with another door at the end of the hall opening. When that happened, if Desset pressed himself against the far wall, he could see outside. The glimpse nev...
Robo and the Little Door
2 years ago
Robo snagged a corner of the quilt in his claws and began the arduous climb to the top of the bed. Timmy heard the plastic clanking of tiny limbs but paid him little mind, gaze fixed through the misty...
Eating the Sickness
2 years ago
Mort was hunched over in the pit, grinding his face into the dirt and mewling. He had lost most of the hair on his head, and the exposed skin was covered in ugly red knots as big as chicken eggs. The ...