Jeremy Cavenagh

I am one of those people who has been almost everywhere, and done almost everything, I write stories, mostly fiction, or Science Fiction, and I write poetry. 

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The Rover Prince
16 days ago
Let me tell you a story, a story about a prince who was a rover, and a princess who did not know she was a princess. Now I hear the question asked, "How can this be, a princess being unaware of being ...
Unsettled Past (Ch. 1)
17 days ago
There is a place, on a bay, where the red tiled roofs slope gently down to the sea, a place where men go down and ply their trades as they have for thousands of years. It is a place where palm trees s...
The End Is Near
20 days ago
I am completely mad, at least there is a strong possibility that I am; for reality could in no way be as warped as I see it. Perhaps I had best explain though, for mad men are rarely lucid enough to r...