Jim Kane

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Charon, III-IV
a year ago
III. The sun was setting and the police boats had been searching for the three missing boys since four AM, just about an hour after they had foolishly jumped in the river. It had been a long day; they...
Empath: Into the Shadow, Chapter 5
a year ago
October 1st 2016 (Day 1 of study) Will had never been to Massachusetts. He had drove the entire way there from Pennsylvania but any mode of transportation was completely covered and taken out of the c...
Empath: Into the Shadow, Chapter 4
a year ago
September 16th 2016 Jeffery woke with a startle. He had dreamed of the hospital again, being trapped in its walls with the recycled air and dirty sheets. He had dreamed of escaping. He got up and sat ...
Empath: Into the Shadow, Chapter 2
a year ago
September 15th, 2016 The coffee was cold and bitter, but Justin drank it, anyway. A thermos a day, sometimes. Unlike some of the people he studied, he needed caffeine to function and stay awake. He wo...
Empath: Into the Shadow, Chapter 3
a year ago
Notebook Entry of Subject #10 I’ve almost always had mental health problems. It runs in the family and at a young age I was diagnosed schizophrenic, but even before that label I showed signs at a youn...
Charon, I-II
a year ago
I. The summer night air carried the fishy smell of the river. The moon was full but was hidden behind clouds and what little light it gave could not penetrate the thick canopy of trees at the base of ...