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All 4 'Men In Black' Films Ranked!
a month ago
A few weeks ago, Men In Black: International arrived in theaters. Although I was mildly entertained by it, I was not a fan. Click here to see my review. Watching this spin-off made me think back to th...
'Men in Black: International' Is Well-Intentioned, but Weakened by Uninteresting Characters and Poor Comedy
a month ago
"I can't wait for this film. I know this movie looks like a big cash-grab, but it looks like an awesome action-packed film with some good comedy and badass moments." HA HA HA! That's hilarious! Who wo...
'Alita: Battle Angel' Is a Flawed, Yet Massively Entertaining Film with Incredible Action
5 months ago
Many months ago, I tried to attend a screening for two upcoming movies: One was Dark Phoenix, and the other was Alita: Battle Angel. I showed up early, but they filled up and I waited on line for an h...
My Experience Watching the 'Star Wars Holiday Special'
7 months ago
Let me tell you something about Star Wars fans: we rarely agree. I mean, we've agreed that A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi are all great movies. But some of us like the pre...
'Men In Black: International' Official Trailer Breakdown!
7 months ago
2019 is gonna be a year filled to the top with great movies. While I fully intend to watch movies such as Avengers: Endgame and John Wick 3: Parabellum, another movie that I'm excited to watch has just had a new trailer. The new trailer for Men In Black: International has just come out. This film is a spin-off of the original Men In Black trilogy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents who keep the Earth safe from alien invasions.
The Culture of Star Wars: How Fans Ruined the Franchise, Not Disney
9 months ago
Disney ruined Star Wars! They're trying to cram their feminist SJW political beliefs down our throats and they made a bunch of terrible Star Wars movies where they ruined Luke Skywalker! Why can't Geo...