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In Defense of Luke Skywalker in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
a year ago
Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. I mean, some people liked him, some people hated him, and some people just hate the entire movie. I mean, without a doubt, this is the most mixed, controversial Star W...
Where Does 'Rogue One' Fit Into the Machete Order?
a year ago
Two months ago, I wrote an article called "How You Should Show Your Family and Friends 'Star Wars'!", where I talked about the Machete Order, which says the Star Wars films should be watched in this o...
'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Teaser Trailer Breakdown
a year ago
During the Super Bowl, we got a little preview of the upcoming Star Wars anthology movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. And on Good Morning America, we got a full teaser. So, I will be doing a teaser breakdown for both the TV spot and the official teaser. So, first, the "Big Game" TV spot:
10 Fun Facts You Never Knew About 'Star Wars: A New Hope!'
a year ago
In 1977, George Lucas released Star Wars, a space-opera movie way ahead of its time. I watched it last month, and it had great writing, acting, directing, and it looked amazing. So, here are ten fun f...