Jonathon Moreno

I am a writer. I love to read as well, but I finally decided to jump out there and work to publish.

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Unreal: Book 1 (Ch. 3)
9 months ago
Chapter 3 She walked toward him. Aware that she was there he yelled at her. Yet it didn’t seem like she could hear him. He said it again. Still no reaction. “What am I?” he final heard himself yell. “...
Unreal: Book 1
10 months ago
Chapter 2. The night wind was cold. There was more going on that night. The sound of alien movement could be heard around us. They had the idea to try and deceive us by way of entrapment. Our company ...
Unreal: Book 1
a year ago
Chapter 1 By: Jonathon L. Moreno “Roll call,” Bragnin said, “All you earthlings in a line-up formation, NOW!” I only remember pieces of my childhood, and I honestly don’t believe that some of these me...