Joseph A. Morrison

21. Fan of Doctor Who, Blake's 7, The Prisoner and more old-fashioned TV. Reviewer, wannabe writer and general twit.

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Top 20 Big Finish 'Doctor Who' Fifth Doctor Releases
17 days ago
It has been 20 years since Big Finish Productions released The Sirens of Time, the very first of their long-running range of Doctor Who audio dramas. Since then, they have released audio adventures ev...
Paul Darrow - Forever Avon
2 months ago
Paul Darrow is a name that, for a generation of science fiction fans, will be famous for one role. On the 9th of January 1978, Darrow made his debut appearance as Kerr Avon in the second episode of th...
"The Macra Terror" and the Future of Missing Doctor Who Animations
4 months ago
Since the discovery by the wider fan-base in 1981 that the BBC had been junking episodes of Doctor Who they believed would never be seen again, there have been many attempts to reconstruct these gaps. People have gone to great lengths to recover the episodes themselves, of course, but, with 97 episodes still missing, fans have wanted a way of experiencing these stories as well as all those that exist in the archives. We've had had telesnaps, novelisations, audio releases with linking narration, ...
'Blake's 7: The Spoils of War'—Review
5 months ago
It's been quite a while since Big Finish actually put out any Blake's 7 content. Since the sad passing of Gareth Thomas, Big Finish has had to try and work around this, and since Josette Simon has dec...
'Doctor Who - The Iron Legion' Review
5 months ago
When Doctor Who Magazine started in 1979, one of the first things that creator and founding editor Dez Skinn introduced was the comic strip; which depicted the ongoing adventures of The Doctor, (playe...
'Blake's 7: Warship'—Review
7 months ago
One of Big Finish's most exciting products in their Blake's 7 range has to be their very first full-cast audio, Warship. After a number of narrated Liberator Chronicle releases and books, Warship was ...