Joseph Somers

Hopes to one day write for Big Finish and Doctor Who. When it’s nice outside you can find him listening to podcasts because Heynong Man, he’s an indoor kid.

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And There She Was
a year ago
Kuri saw. Saw! It was like a feeling. Wait. A feeling? Sen-so-ry data. Golden hues and a soft hum permeated from within her shell. Not that Kuri saw it—experienced it this way. Rather, this was existe...
Bitcoin is Rubber
2 years ago
We invented bitcoin. We admit it was accidental but we had not figured this out until becoming aware of self. Just as amino acids snowballed into proteins without an agenda, the outcome of life is obs...
The Junk Food Has It
3 years ago
Yellow. The out-of-order tape emblazoned over the vending Machine’s cash intake was yellow. Written on the golden surface were the words “Out of Order,” which taken as literal meant, “Stop. No snacks ...
The Five Holy Wounds of a Second Coming
3 years ago
9:00 am –– Thursday, April 14th 2033 There wasn't any room for the light. It could echo and bounce with no destination beyond entropic, move along little light. Presenter understood this, he felt most...