K.E. Lanning

Author of speculative science fiction, scientist, energy geek, and art lover. www.kelanning.com, @kelanningauthor, https://www.facebook.com/KELanning1/ https://www.instagram.com/kelanningauthor/

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Speculative Fiction
2 years ago
As in any advent of a new species, the birth of the science fiction genre led to an evolution of novels ranging from Thomas More’s Utopia to Andy Weir's THE MARTIAN. However, when a genre becomes so d...
The Sci-Fi Writer's World
2 years ago
Science is defined as the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. [courtesy of Wikipedia] Whereas fiction is defined as lit...
In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Cixin Liu
2 years ago
Liu Cixin [writing in English under the name, Cixin Liu] is a science fiction writer from China; a nine-time winner of the Chinese Galaxy Award (Chinese Hugo) and the Xing Yun Award (Chinese Nebula), ...
In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Author Margaret Atwood
2 years ago
Margaret Atwood is a poet, a novelist, and an inventor. She was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1939 to Margaret (maiden name Killam), a nutritionist and to Carl Atwood, an entomologist. With her father’s r...
In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Sylvain Neuvel
2 years ago
Sylvain Neuvel’s first novel, Sleeping Giants, became one of the hottest sci-fi books of 2016. Indie-published last year, his book caught fire with readers, and fortuitously, one reader happened to be...
In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Hugh Howey
2 years ago
Hugh Howey is an author of science fiction, and whatever else he wants to write about; as an independent author he controls his writing career. Born in 1975, Hugh grew up reading and sailing, navigati...