Kaitlyn Maura

My name’s Kait. I would define myself mainly as a truth seeker. I write about a lot of things, primarily astrology, religion & spirituality, relationships, psychology, feminism, social issues, books, music and the occasional bad poem. 

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A Blessing in Disguise: Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius 2019
4 days ago
On April 10, 2019, Jupiter will station retrograde at 24'21 degrees of Sagittarius, it's ruling sign. The retrograde period will last for four months until August 11 when it will station direct at 14'...
Judgement Day: April 2019 Full Moon in Libra
12 days ago
On Friday, April 19, we will have yet another Full Moon in Libra. While the last Full Moon took place at the first degree, this one is taking place at 29'06 degrees Libra. Otherwise known as the last ...
A Test of Character: April 2019's New Moon in Aries
22 days ago
On Friday, April 5th, at 4:50 AM EST, we will have a New Moon at 15'17 degrees of Aries. Here's what you can expect.
Love and War: 2019's Vernal Equinox and Full Moon in Libra
a month ago
We may celebrate the New Year on January 1st, but did you know that wasn’t always the case? Really, January 1st is an arbitrary date in the middle of Capricorn season. The New Year was once celebrated...
An Ocean of Boundless Bliss: March 6th 2019's New Moon in Pisces
2 months ago
March, 6th, 2019's New Moon in Pisces just comes one day after Mercury in Pisces turns Retrograde. The New Moon will be exact at 15'47 degrees Pisces at 11:04 AM EST. Here's what you can expect.
Beyond Words and Beyond Thought: What to Expect When Mercury Goes Retrograde This March
2 months ago
Mercury will next station retrograde on March 5, 2019 at 29'38 degrees Pisces—the first retrograde period of 2019. When Mercury went retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio back in November, it bought us a ...