Kaitlyn Maura

My name’s Kait. I would define myself mainly as a truth seeker. I write about a lot of things, primarily astrology, religion & spirituality, relationships, psychology, feminism, social issues, books, music and the occasional bad poem. 

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Reach for the Stars: June 2019's Full Moon in Sagittarius
20 days ago
On Monday, June 17th, at 4:30AM EST, we will have a Full Moon at 25'53 degrees of the optimistic and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Here's what to expect.
Twin Flames: June 3rd, 2019's New Moon in Gemini
a month ago
On Monday, June 3rd, at 6:02 AM EST, we will have a Full Moon at 12'33 degrees of the sign of Gemini. Here's what to expect.
When Masks Come Off: May 2019's Full Moon in Scorpio
a month ago
May’s Full Moon will fall on Saturday, May 18th at 27’38 degrees Scorpio. Here’s what you can expect.
The Truth About Astrological Compatibility
2 months ago
It was recently brought to my attention that a dating app, Bumble, has added an option to filter potential matches by zodiac sign. My first reaction was to laugh. No more Capricorns for me, I thought,...
Soul Meets Body: May 2019’s New Moon in Taurus
2 months ago
On Saturday, May 4, at 6:45 PM EST, we will have a New Moon in Taurus at 14'10 degrees. Here's what you can expect.
Karmageddon: Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 2019
2 months ago
On Monday, April 29th, Saturn will station retrograde at 20’31 degrees of its home sign of Capricorn. Here’s what you can expect.