Kelly Hawks

A sci-fi and anime geek at heart, I'm a writer with an eclectic personality by nature. I tend to lean towards humor, but cycle through phases of what inspires me.

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Breaking News—Evidence of Alien Life Has Been Found!
2 years ago
Have our hopes and dreams finally become a reality? Have we finally discovered that alien life really does exist? The answer: no, we haven't... Not yet at least. We have yet to hear a truthful and sci...
Top 4 of the Best Star Wars Parodies
2 years ago
Star Wars is perhaps the most recognized and best loved science fiction film series of all time. How could it not be, it's the most epic and genre influencing franchise ever created. Because of its su...
Do Aliens Walk Among Us?
2 years ago
Given all we know about the vastness of outer space, to think that humans are the only technologically advanced species in the universe is illogical, especially when you take into account that there a...
Top 10 Sci-Fi Television Series
2 years ago
Sci-fi brings us elements like imagined futures, space travel, advanced technologies and life on faraway planets. A sci-fi television series allows us to see that there’s much more to the story. Week ...
Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of the 1960s
2 years ago
While the ‘50s were the golden age of science fiction, the 60s were just as influential in today’s filmmaking. Many of the great 50s sci-fi flicks concentrated on aliens and monstrosities of science, ...
Top 10 Science Fiction Movies of the 1950s
2 years ago
The 1950s are known as "The Golden Age of Science Fiction Films," although many of these films are known today as “B” rated movies. They are riddled with corny dialogue, poor screenplays, bad acting, ...