Kelsey Lange

Passionate about writing, animals, makeup, movies, friends, family, learning, exercising, and laughing!

Kuri's Purpose
a year ago
Kuri glides across his room, peering out the window that overlooks the overbearing scene of red Mars. He sighs, looking down at his chest, hoping to see the warm light exuding from his heart light, bu...
Best Stargazing Apps to Download Right Now
2 years ago
There are so many different apps on the market that I'm sure you wouldn't even think of downloading. Stargazing aids might be one! Everyone gazes up at the sky from time to time. Why not make this exp...
Coolest Observatories and Planetariums in the US
2 years ago
When is the last time you learned something about the universe? Observatories and planetariums are often overlooked compared to museums, aquariums, zoos, and galleries — and that's a shame! The cooles...