KJ Proulx

I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts with everyone. We all love movies, but let's be honest, sometimes we would like to hear a few opinions first.

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'First Man' - Movie Review
2 months ago
When a story is brought to the big screen that practically every audience member already knows, it’s hard to make a compelling film out of it. That being said, it’s all about the execution and I belie...
'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' - Movie Review
5 months ago
Every now and then there are films that come along and I just can't quite express my feelings towards them. In my opinion, How to Talk to Girls at Parties is a recent release that fits that descriptio...
"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom"— Movie Review
6 months ago
The Jurassic Park franchise hasn’t really been anything to praise, at least since the release of the original film back in 1993. The two sequels to follow that film were fairly weak in my opinion, but...
'Solo: A Star Wars Story' – Movie Review
7 months ago
The Star Wars franchise isn’t exactly in the best shape in terms of how fans have been reacting to the recent installment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Personally, I loved every chance that it took and...
'Anon' - Movie Review
7 months ago
There’s always that one premise that comes along and impresses you to no end, but the execution may not live up to the promises that the film set up throughout the first act. Anon is one of Netflix’s ...
'Ready Player One' - Movie Review
8 months ago
With all of the sequels and reboots as of late, it’s hard to imagine a time when an audience wouldn’t be sick of a movie based on pop culture. When watching the trailers for Ready Player One, it almos...