Krow Fischer

Krow Fischer is an internationally known psychic medium, author, poet and workshop facilitator with over 30 years of service working with the dedicated spiritual collective known as The Council of Elders.

Close Encounters
a month ago
I was in a discussion last night when it felt like I was suddenly split into two places. One was my own living room sitting beside the fire talking to my life mate. In the other I was talking to 5 bei...
Apollo's Creed
7 months ago
Hello out there. It’s me again. I have been thinking about our last conversation, where you said nothing. Sometimes it feels like I am communicating through a Bliss Board, one of those devices with li...
Calling All Earth Warriors
7 months ago
I had a vision once, years ago. I saw domed pods with underground connections set in barren landscapes. The sky seeped a burnt orange, not enough light for the thorny scraggly plants to flourish. The ...