Lady Sunday

I'm a self-publishing author of fiction and I love to research and write creative non-fiction.

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'Lost in Space'
17 days ago
The Netflix reboot series Lost in Space hasn't received the best reviews. I have no idea why! I'm settling down to binge re-watch (yes, I am one of THOSE people!) what has become one of my favorite se...
Global Warming: We Have Only Been Dangerous to Ourselves
20 days ago
Our human activity is why the things we figured would take a million or so years to begin, are happening right now. It is cause and effect. Yes, I am talking about global warming. Human beings have ki...
Strange Sounds: 'Frost Quakes'
20 days ago
What is that strange sound outside? During the summer of 2009, myself and an old friend heard strange sounds at night in Niagara Falls, NY. At the time I was living in a small trailer park, with my tw...
The Ant People
3 months ago
The Anasazi Indians are a mysterious group of people that used to dwell in caves in an area now known as the "Four Corners" during the Archaic Period. Anasazi means "Ancient Enemy" by the Navajo, who ...
Pluto in Capricorn
5 months ago
Dante Alighieri, in his 14th Century play The Divine Comedy, immortalized Italian Astronomer Guido Bonatti, who served as advisor to Frederick II, The Holy Roman Emperor. In Dante's Inferno, the 8th c...
The Black Knight Satellite
6 months ago
The history of the Black Knight Satellite, an object orbiting our planet in polar orbit, should not be so controversial. Polar orbit is an orbit that goes in the opposite direction that our planet nat...