Lady Sunday

I'm a self-publishing author of fiction and I love to research and write creative non-fiction.

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The Starless Planet
14 days ago
My name is Thana. I stand near the window in the living room of my space pod, so I can gaze out at the looming planet that is closing distance to us. We have been planning to populate the starless wor...
Mysterious Radio Signals Detected from Deep Space
14 days ago
How do scientists tell the difference between the frequencies of another galaxy, or when a star explodes, from intelligent life? The official jury is still out, trying to make heads or tails of the ev...
The MeerKAT Telescope
a month ago
Earth now has the clearest images of the black hole at the center of our galaxy thanks to The MeerKAT Telescope, South Africa’s new super telescope! Originally the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT), the Mee...
The Winter Forecast for 2018/19
a month ago
It was very relieving to read that all 12 Thai boys, along with their soccer coach, were successfully rescued from their harrowing ordeal being trapped in a flooded cave! Even Elon Musk went to lend a...
'Lost in Space'
2 months ago
The Netflix reboot series Lost in Space hasn't received the best reviews. I have no idea why! I'm settling down to binge re-watch (yes, I am one of THOSE people!) what has become one of my favorite se...
Global Warming: We Have Only Been Dangerous to Ourselves
3 months ago
Our human activity is why the things we figured would take a million or so years to begin, are happening right now. It is cause and effect. Yes, I am talking about global warming. Human beings have ki...