Leon Gower

Born, February 1972 in Whyalla, Australia

His writing incorporates a life time of personal experience in dealing with a world of poorly explained phenomenon. Short artistic work or full length novels, Leon's well weaved stories are engaging.

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Universal Constance Ch 4
8 months ago
Chapter 4 ~ Spiral: In the waiting room of Dr. Wernick's office, plastic ferns ruled supreme. Whoever was responsible for decorating had a love of all things artificial. What appeared to be a glass to...
A Well Timed Layover
8 months ago
“If I could just have everyone’s attention, please. Settle down, just for a moment. Shh now.” John, the public relations officer, tried a variety of shush sounds, while making large calming gestures w...
Universal Constance Ch 3
9 months ago
Chapter 3 ~ Fiber: Stone or metal? Either way the hard flat surface Constance found herself on was uncomfortable. She shifted from side to side looking for room to move. The surface appeared narrow an...
Universal Constance: Chapter 2
9 months ago
Chapter 2 ~ Yoga: Over 15 years, Rene had watched young women work at University Café, a store aptly named. Initially, she had begun as a silent partner, her family fronted some money to get started a...
The Unplugged
9 months ago
Knock knock knock Muscles swore, and bones clicked into place as Victor dragged himself from the lounge chair. In the last week, had he even bothered to move? Pins and needles rushed from the soles of...
Universal Constance
10 months ago
[Grant thou that my soul may come to me from any place wherein it may be. Even if it would tarry, let my soul be brought unto me from any place wherein it may be … … Let me have possession of my Ba-so...